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Blood for Magic
Trial Rainforest Cliffs 
Aurelia the Hopebringer
Currently championing: None
Aurelia needed to collect blood. She didn't from where or from who, but she needed to do it. She'd found a oddly shaped rock as she searched around for something to draw blood from that was perfect for the task. It was about the size of a fist, but curved in a way that should be able to carry liquid, in this case, however, specifically blood.

She wasn't sure what led her here, but here she was. Her body weaved in and out of the trees easily. Occasionally, a twig would poke her as she passed it, but she didn't mind too much and pushed on. She had a task at hand and had yet to even attempt it yet. The aurelian babe had to collect blood from something. She wasn't sure what the something was going to be yet, but eyes scanned the forest for all sorts of things.

Only a few minutes ago she had seen a weird Rift-mutated squirrel thing and lunged at it, desperate for its blood, but it scurried away and climbed up a tree. Despite being a pegasus, the idea of flying to the top of a tree in this crowded scenery was comical to the mare. Her search continued from there, her eyes watching for any sign of life.

As the minutes began to pass, she eventually quit looking for small vermon that lived within the forest. It would simply be easier to converse with another horse and simply beg for their blood than chase small animals around all day. With this new approach in mind, she halts, glances around, and then fucking whinny-screams like a lunatic. Surely that would get someones attention. It wasn't a 'help I'm in trouble' sound, so surely no one would rush over thinking she was being attacked, but the whinny had still pierced through the air, echoing through the trees with a sense of urgency that simply couldn't be ignored.

oh, tell me, what's the matter?

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