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Questions from a returning player - Sapphire - 08-05-2019

Hello! Nice to meet you all! Or, if I've met you way back when.. Hello again!

I used to roleplay here a couple years back.. Not even exactly sure when I stopped, but probably when my laptop broke. I've recently gotten it fixed, and this site was bookmarked! Turn out I had two characters here I still remember fondly.

Anyway... I've forgotten a lot about this site. Since my current laptop is rather slow, I have a hard time searching the site to find the info I need... So could someone give me some tips and tricks to starting back up again? Maybe link me to rule threads and story information? Treat me like a newbie who already adopted a pre-made character that is just waiting to be thrown into a new thread :)

'm assuming I'll need to apply for both this account and each of my characters again to have them reactivated?

@Yoko I believe your little staff blurb said you were open to questions?