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Safety Light Curtain Made in China - fangfangfang2 - 03-18-2019

Product Features
1.Perfect self-examination function and strong anti-interference ability.
2.Simple wiring and beautiful appearance in accordance with European design standards.
3.With superior shock resistance.
4.IEC61496-1/2 standard of Type 4 and has passed CE certification, Type 2, Type 4.
5.Short reaction time (≤15ms).
6.Ultra-small design. Width and thickness of only 36 * 36mm, effectively reduce the installation space.
7.Two watertight housings. Such housing is required for emitter and receiver separately.
8.With such watertight housings, safety Light Curtains can be used in the area where is humid environment.
9.In operating process, water droplets cannot affect the functioning of the product result in the watertight housing.
Selection Diagram
Wiring Diagram
1. Q: Do you have any certifications of watertight light curtain sensor?
A: Yes, we have European Union CE certification, ISO9001 and EM Report of TUV.
2. Q: What material is the watertight light curtain sensor made up of?
A: Aluminum alloy shell with ABS nylon cover.
3. Q: The interference of equipment is strong. Can the watertight light curtain sensor deal with it?
A: Our safety light curtain has strong anti interference ability to electromagnetic signals, stroboscopic lights, welding arc and other light sources.
4. Q: How can I make a payment?
A: We have 4 ways of payment:
1) T/T 2) through Alibaba international station 3) L/C 4) WESTERN UNION 5) PAYPAL
5. Q: Where can the watertight light curtain sensor be used?
A: It can be used in industrial, food and beverage industry and outdoor.
Safety Light Curtain Made in China