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To Tell A Joke - Roscorro - 09-12-2018

Roscorro had been given another task by the Rift, one in which he was not entirely sure his could fulfill. That task was to tell a joke someone found truly funny. Had he ever been told a joke? He had been living in a prison under the earth for the better part of six years, surely someone had told him a joke or two? Though he honestly wasn't sure he would have recognized the joke had he heard one. Now he was to tell someone a joke and make them laugh. Surely this was harder than challenging the Metus.

He stood ponderously outside the city walls. He could probably try telling someone in his herd a joke, though he wasn't sure who to approach. Or what exactly would count as a funny joke. He continued to stand, deep in thought. This was quite a serious manner, for something that was supposed to be funny. Though the task wasn't all that dangerous he had been expecting something a little more physically challenging to earn the honor of bonding with a companion.

Perhaps the Rift had simply decided he had enough physical ability in that massive form of his and opted to give him a mental challenge? Was this even considered even that? A challenge of wit, sure, we'll go with that. His great gaze swept over the landscape, still unsure who to tell a joke to. Oh well, he'd figure that out eventually. Such trials gave him time. And the pleasant glowing spots on his body that gave warmth of sunshine and fond memories to mind when brushed against were nothing like the terrible eyes that had once followed him. He wasn't all that hard pressed to get rid of his 'affliction'.



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