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» Happy One Year Anniversary! - Yoko - 07-12-2018


Hey everyone!! First off, we’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE RIFT! We’ve reached the one year milestone of us being up and live! :D

We wanted to update you on the reveal of the Heart and the final piece of the map for the Rift! Please be patient with us while we go through and add all the information to the relevant Guidebook pages. Also, we changed the main picture for the Eastern Flats to better fit the idea we had for that section of land – it hasn’t changed, just got a face lift!

Also, thank you for all the feedback on the survey! We’ll work on compiling a report with the results and work on addressing some of the things on it :)

Keep an eye on the Hope/Kisamoa thread as well, it’s closed to everyone but those two; however, it should be very interesting to see what happens (wink wink).

In the meantime, you can stop by the Protectors party to celebrate the one year anniversary in style!

P.S. Hard refresh for a party Hope! ;D

Because I am proper: Party Vector Illustration by Vecteezy