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Status: Dead

Vourib the Bear God was such an indomitable creature when he first entered the Rift that lore whispers he is the only one of the old gods to have arrived of his own volition. The massive bulk of the pearlescent white bear dominated his northern territory with immediate strength from the moment he entered the Rift. From atop his scarlet mountains and bloodied falls, Vourib imbued the life he governed with the hot truths of surviving the cold, harsh, northern beauty. Beneath his fortitude and justice, the North flourished.

But, over time, Vourib lost sight of his once proud strength and infallible truth. Instead, he drowned in the bloodied waters and was cast alone in his frozen northern realm. Frigid and painful crystals sprouted from his back; eyes that were once calm and clear grew frenzied and feral. Unable to see the very life he had drawn into the Rift, he grew savage and vicious. The great strength that had defined his hold over his kingdom became untempered as he lost his sanity, plunged into wild ferocity. A victim to his own feral rage, he was the first to fall to the Helovian gods.


Status: Dead

Caevoc the Crocodile God was a giant and magnificently intimidating creature when stretched into the Rift on the Halycon Flats. The impressive god survived the Rift’s wicked abduction by his innately protective skin and habits. A thick hide of scales that camouflaged with his surroundings as well as his endless, motionless patience hid him from the worst of the Rift’s wild devastation. So Caevoc found comfort in the mirages and apparitions of his endlessly flat, eastern home. Life sprouted from beneath the slides of his belly scutes and crawled out from beneath the shade of his massive, thick tail. In his flatlands, he could conceal and protect the life he inspired.

But, eventually the illusions and concealment that were Caevoc’s boon began to derange the god, leaving him plated in lies and delusions as he sought more and more power. Scales that were once a rich and beautiful green grew pale, the vibrance blanched as the god hoarded too much magic. His illusions, once colorful and vibrant, grew to be pale echos laced with a sickly, yellow energy. Imbued with madness, Caevoc and his Eastern Flats fell to the Helovian gods.


Status: Dead

Vjanta the Tiger Goddess, when first pulled and morphed into the Rift on the Riptide Isles, was an elegant creature. She survived the Rift’s tumultuous pull by her instinctive command and control; and she continued her rule over coast and sea with similar attributes. Ever graceful in her prowl, her great bodice regally controlled both on land and in the waves of this southern dominion. A body of russet orange and deep black stripes shone with an iridescence that colored these vibrant lands. Three, bright yellow eyes allowed her to more closely see and control that life which she she pulled into existence here.

However, self-control only goes so far, and hers gave way to greed and manipulation beneath the endless possible powers of the Rift. Her vibrant coat faded to a mild orange; her iridescent stripes melted into sticky, dripping tar. Eyes that once allowed her to see so much were now clouded with greed. So Vjanta and her Southern Seas fell to the Helovian gods.


Status: Dead

Reszo the Wolf God was ripped into the Rift along with the Green Labyrinth. This creature, wreathed in the mists of the realm from which he came, survived the renting passage into this wild land by being as shifting as the mists of his home and filled with wise, mystical learnings. This god quietly breathed wisdom into the very air, much like the slow and steady accumulation of knowledge. Every step of his dark grey body shrouded the West in a thick fog; though, his very presence inspired new thought and ways of thinking to survive and understand this misted realm. His calm, yellow eyes a watchful mentor for the life that slipped through his fog.

However, these mists were his downfall. Eventually they clouded his his sight that was already cracked and fissured by the vicious yank into the Rift. He was left to the shadows his mists cast, no longer illuminated as his wisdom slowly fled. The lovely rich grey of his coat darkened to a flat black; the mists of his footsteps morphed into dark, ominous shades. His inspiration of new ideas mutated, twisting into repulsive mutations rather than enlightened logic. So Reszo and his Western Mists fell to the Helovian gods.


Status: Alive

Technically, Kisamoa is not a God. He is a conglomeration of the surviving souls of the four dead Rift gods, and bits and pieces of their bodies. He was created in 1171, in Helovia. He is one of the only powerful magical life-forces in the Rift, and presumed to be incredibly strong, based on the fact that he—with ease—dispatched of the four Helovian gods and their demi-god offspring. Though not entirely evil, he protects this realm without a thought given to morality. Kismoa appears as a constantly mutated, oddly deer-like being. His body is forever shifting, made up of various parts from many creatures.

The only thing about him that can be described as 'soft' are his black eyes.


Status: Alive

Believed by many to be Kisamoa's opposite, Hope is an antlered doe. She has eleven tines, each lit by a small, bright flame, matching the glow from her eyes. Many find her presence warming and soothing.

Hope was in hibernation for untold years, only re-emerging after hope itself had been restored to most of the Rift in 1174. The extent of her powers are currently not known. Like Kisamoa, she is not a true God.