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Kiada's Threadlog
52 threads
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This character does not have any active threads.
Archived Threads
Subject Location Participants Last Post
blind reflections Glowworm Woods
08-29-2018 by Kiada
Things We Left Behind Green Labyrinth
Korri, Kiada
08-29-2018 by Kiada
just one Solanis
Kiada, Rift Presence, Rixen
08-06-2018 by Rixen
» An Unexpected Party The Pinnacle
Rift Presence, Roscorro, Hertz, Ruwin, K'yarie, Zahra, Eira, Virga, Rixen, Savera, Amarantha, Valkyrie, Galahad, Rexanna, Kiada, Seiji, Korri, Nora, Noah, Waker, Mauja, Taivas, Aedion, Arithena, Sansa, Sapphira, Calypso, Peregrine, Yves
08-02-2018 by Seiji
we exist Kingdom of Halyven
Kiada, Roscorro, Katua
08-29-2018 by Roscorro
it's not a race to the end Kingdom of Halyven
Kiada, Rixen
07-08-2018 by Rixen
Where We Belong Kingdom of Halyven
Rixen, Korri, Roscorro, Kiada
06-27-2018 by Kiada
splish splash, unintentional bath Mangrove Tidepools
Katua, Kiada
06-26-2018 by Katua
Family Duties [Open Herd Meeting] Kingdom of Halyven
Roscorro, Korri, Rixen, Kiada, Eira, Kyros, Sansa, Requiem, Waker, Misael, Nineave
06-24-2018 by Roscorro
you look like yourself Halyven
Kiada, Korri, Roscorro, Rixen
07-08-2018 by Korri
Korri, Rift Presence, Kiada
05-29-2018 by Korri
a quarter past midnight Kingdom of Halyven
Kiada, Rixen
07-06-2018 by Rixen
blood hungry Rainforest Cliffs
Ferro, Kiada
05-18-2018 by Kiada
I'm Sorry I Squished Your Bird Halyven
K'yarie, Kiada, Zahra
08-28-2018 by K'yarie
welcome home Halyven
Rixen, Kiada, Waker, Valkyrie, Seiji, Roscorro, K'yarie, Hope, Eira, Vynter
07-13-2018 by Eira
» the calm before the storm Blood Falls
Rift Presence, Rixen, Taivas, Aurelia, Roscorro, Seiji, Kiada, Valkyrie, Eira, Waker, Renegade
07-04-2018 by Kiada
Coming Down Ain't as Fun as Going Up Solanis
Roscorro, Kiada
05-04-2018 by Kiada
fury and blades Green Labyrinth
Kiada, Eira, Rift Presence
07-15-2018 by Kiada
Flying High Ennunyenda
Roscorro, Kiada
03-25-2018 by Roscorro
» In the End The Pinnacle
Rift Presence, Ruwin, K'yarie, Roscorro, Seiji, Vynter, Rixen, Kiada, Kisamoa, Hope, Kyros, Taivas, Aurelia, Waker, Valkyrie, Eira
06-15-2018 by Rift Presence
there's a devil inside of you Halcyon Flats
Kiada, Valkyrie
06-21-2018 by Valkyrie
such expensive mistakes Halyven
Kiada, Seiji
07-13-2018 by Seiji
No Music The Portal
Seiji, Valkyrie, Rift Presence, Kiada
03-16-2018 by Valkyrie
So it goes... Siren's Summit
Kiada, Vynter
03-02-2018 by Kiada
[SWP] Dark Days Mangrove Tidepools
Rixen, Kiada, Kyros, Glacia, Rift Presence
03-28-2018 by Kyros
[SWP] line of sight Uwaritace
Kiada, Glacia, Rixen, Rift Presence
02-27-2018 by Glacia
I will be found Riptide Isles
Otem, Kiada
02-05-2018 by Kiada
chemical kids & mechanical brides Green Labyrinth
Kiada, Rixen
05-05-2018 by Rixen
I've lived a very long time, so my name is like a story Rainforest Cliffs
Raistlyn, Kiada
01-25-2018 by Kiada
» Together Rainforest Cliffs
Rift Presence, Kisamoa, Oizys, Otem, Rixen, Varuna, Eira, Kyros, Kiada, Zoeya, Glacia, Roscorro, K'yarie, Waker, Ruwin, Vynter, Valkyrie, Seiji
04-06-2018 by Waker
[SWP] we could be legends Rainforest Cliffs
Kiada, Tola, Rixen, Rift Presence
01-29-2018 by Kiada
sinner playing as a preacher The Portal
Yezdao, Alastor, Rift Presence, Kiada
02-05-2018 by Kiada
» In The Deep Siren's Summit
Rift Presence, Otem, Aurelia, Rixen, Kiada, Taivas, Roscorro, K'yarie, Waker
01-19-2018 by Roscorro
» New Beginnings Rainforest Cliffs
Rift Presence, Taivas, Aurelia, Roscorro, Rixen, Kiada, K'yarie, Waker, Otem
01-03-2018 by Rift Presence
king for a day Solanis
Kiada, Roscorro
01-30-2018 by Roscorro
world gone mad Siren's Summit
Kiada, Aurelia
01-11-2018 by Kiada
On My Way Mangrove Tidepools
Rixen, Kiada
01-07-2018 by Rixen
Checkpoint: Alpha The Pinnacle
Otem, Rixen, Kiada, Roscorro, Raein, Waker, Aurelia
01-22-2018 by Otem
» The Tree of Light Uwaritace
Rift Presence, Roscorro, K'yarie, Ruwin, Otem, Calypso, Kiada, Waker, Gwyn, Rikyn, Aurelia, Lothíriel, Taivas, Rexanna, Sapphira, Zoeya, Abigor, Kyros, Rixen
01-19-2018 by Taivas
» Lost & Found Solanis
Kisamoa, Gwyn, Roscorro, Taivas, Raein, Waker, Kiada, K'yarie, Ruwin, Otem
01-02-2018 by Waker
A Guilty Thief Halyven
Roscorro, Kiada
12-16-2017 by Kiada
divine absolution Green Labyrinth
Kiada, Erebos, Rift Havoc
12-08-2017 by Rift Havoc
a home away Halyven
Kiada, Roscorro
11-26-2017 by Roscorro
» damned if I do Mangrove Tidepools
Kisamoa, Rift Presence, Otem, Kiada, Castiella
10-30-2017 by Castiella
where am I, after Troy? Solanis
Kiada, Nyu, Vesper
08-29-2017 by Nyu
Pain unfolding Rainforest Cliffs
Luminar, Kiada
08-31-2017 by Kiada
» every broken promise Scint River
Kisamoa, Ki'irha, Volterra, Vulkán, Otem, Naerys, Iona, Vesper, Sidhra, Varuna, Savera, Zèklè, Eira, Kiada, Lena, Crowley, Kratos, Erebos, Melita, Mauna, Castiella, Iskra, Zahra, Kahli, Clementine, Patrick, Mbwana, Zubari, Oizys, Alerie, Rift Presence, Rift Havoc, Erthë
10-01-2017 by Kiada
It's only forever, not long at all. Ennunyenda
Rumpelstiltskin, Kiada
08-22-2017 by Kiada
Promises Up in Smoke Ultima
Bellisma, Kiada
07-23-2017 by Kiada
» Be Our Guests Rainforest Cliffs
Kisamoa, Beloved, Rikyn, Gwyn, Gabriel, Maude, Castiella, Erthë, Thranduil, Galahad, Adria, Ilunga, Zahra, Sidhra, Volterra, Hearth, Iskra, Victorina, Casca, Kiada, Erebos, Laume, Sansa, Akriel, Weaver, Clementine, Akeli, Ki'irha, Otem, Kahli, Raistlyn, Lena, Mauna, Melita, Amaris, Wessex, Yael
08-08-2017 by Weaver
have heart, my dear Rainforest Cliffs
Kiada, Erebos
08-02-2017 by Erebos
now comes the tide; The Portal
Safiri, Rift Presence, Zubari, Katua, Kiada, Rexanna, Mbwana
07-31-2017 by Safiri