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Full Version: Magic Duration Increase
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Hey there friends!

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the length of magics and wanted to see what other people think :D

I, for one, am actually really in love with the entire idea behind Rift Force and the limitations that have been set up for all the different classifications of magic, i.e. how much RF you need to achieve a certain level of magical strength, the issues that characters will face with their magic when they've got low RF (for instance, painful transformations that can only hold up for so long, healers that can only tend to a certain severity of wounds, etc). However, I feel that some of the restrictions are a bit short when it comes to offensive magic.

When it comes to battle restrictions, I actually really don't mind the restrictions the way they are. However, when it comes to regular threads, I feel like they're entirely too short for certain types of character magic. Even at 400 RF, somebody with mind control magic would only have a total of 7 seconds to use their ability. Now, outside of battle, a character would be able to focus far better than if they were in the midst of battle, especially if they are seasoned enough a magic user at 400RF, and I just feel that 7 seconds isn't enough to really do much other than briefly sway their thoughts about something, make them say something they wouldn't normally, things like that.

Another example could be Crowley's curse magic. He is my character, yes, but I'm doing my best not to come off as biased here. This could apply to a lot of magic (current and future), but I don't know what everyone has or would like to have in the future so he is the easiest to use. I also know that this isn't Helovia, was never meant to be and never will be, but hear me out!

His curse magic, the moment he obtained it, could last one week. It was weak and couldn't do much (make somebody limp, make a rain cloud follow them around, things like that) and for every curse he placed, he was scarred since it's dark magic. Now, however, even if I buff him up to 400 RF some day, the magic will be way stronger, but honestly I find it to be useless when it would last such a short amount of time. When I came up with the idea of him being able to curse things, I wanted to work it up to the point where he could cause things like colic, lasting headaches, cover your character with gross pimples or make them insatiably hungry. Now, though, I feel like the most I can do is make somebody go blind for a few seconds in battle or make them lose their balance, but I guess I just don't really feel like it's worth much.

I don't know what I could suggest, really, except for maybe change up the restrictions on magic inside and outside of battle? I would say maybe another class of magic could be added, but I don't know if that would really work, and it would probably make things more confusing/difficult for admins and players alike. I don't know if anybody else has had similar thoughts, but I would be interested to know what others think on it!

We originally only had one set of limitations per category, then we ran into all sorts of problems, and we've expanded them ever since. xD Some magics DO have the issue of being shoehorned into a category they don't quite fit, or fitting in, for example, both Defensive and Offensive, and then there was that whole mess of "useless" magic that eventually became Vanity magic, etc.

I wouldn't be opposed to looking into either increasing limits outside of battle, or looking into a new category for "long-term" effects (such as curses and mind control). We'll see what Smitty says. ^^
I tend to agree with Dingo. I am questing for magic that will alter the brains chemistry of character to make them physically attracted to my character. 7 Seconds is not a long time at all to do any type of fun things with it. She will appear attractive for a few seconds then - BAM - magic no longer works. So I would not really even be able to do too much with this magic ( in and outside of battle ). It would be super awesome if you guys could look into it a bit more <3
I think the offensive/defensive limitations are very reasonable for a battle setting, but outside of battle I agree that they suddenly become all but useless. I liked that on Helovia a lot of the limitations specifically said things like, "lasts one post in battle" because it gave you specific limitations for that setting, but was left open to what players wanted and agreed to in other settings. A lot of my regular threads had been at least semi-agreed upon beforehand, or I would ask permission to use my magic during if it came up, so I would just have it last as long as I saw feasible in the situation or until the other player chose to have it wear off. In a normal thread having something last only a matter of seconds or even one post is difficult to work with.

Maybe thinking about reorganizing the categories would help, maybe adding a few for things that intentionally give up power for duration, like lingering effects or something... maybe they could have another mechanic altogether like a diminishing effect or a cool down or something.
-facepalm- oh jeez these magic restrictions

I entirely agree in that they're not perfect and some magics are awkwardly placed in categories/have restrictions that don't quite fit. I think I've re-written them ~3 times (all of them D: ) since Neo and I first created them. SO I'd say they're definitely still a work in progress and 100% open to suggestions!

I'm not a huge fan of "lasts one post in battle" because what if you used a magic the end of one post and had it bleed into the next? BUT I do agree that that kind of wording leaves more creative freedom in non-battle posts (which, really, is the where the majority of characters are written most of the time).

I guess I really only envisioned the restrictions as being entirely rigid in battle. Whereas, with regular threads when the magic affects another character, the recipient of the magic would determine the duration and scope of the affects (with the restrictions acting as a guideline). If the magic affects the wielder (i.e. transformation), then the restrictions offer a pretty good guideline of how powerful the magic is at each RF level.

I'm not opposed to a new/different sub-category in Offensive for magics that have 'lasting' effects! I'll give a think on it for restrictions. Or, if you feel so inclined, I'm very open to suggestions for restrictions :)

As for increasing the time in normal threads, the 2 ideas I can come up with are : (1) having a set of 'battle' vs 'non-'battle' restrictions (2) having a blanket statement, like normal threads may double the time for Offensive/Defensive magics or something?
I'm not 100% happy with either idea, though. The first makes me want to cry about writing. The 2nd may get a little confusing. -rubs chin- I'll think on it some more.

But, thanks for the input, guys! :D