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JULY 2017ROSKULD has brought electric excitement to the Rift. Her writing and adventures have kept us on our toes waiting to see what the daughter of a god from Helovia would do after crossing through the Portal to the Rift. She never ceases to surprise us with every route she takes. We can't wait to see where she goes from here! Congratulations!

AUGUST 2017OTEM has already wedged her way into the hearts of everyone in the Rift by sheer involvement and interest. Despite being young, this filly of both the large Volterra clan and godly Helovian lineage has explored more of the Rift than most! She's been involved in nearly all of the Rift God sightings, as well as already accomplished Trials of her own. Forever embroiled in adventures, we look forward to reading what her next will be. Congratulations!

— Site Freeze. No OTMs were held.

NOVEMBER 2017ROSCORRO came into the Rift as a loveable, strange creature. He became similar to a father figure for the young lost children in the world as well as an adventurer, keeping an eye out for those who need it most. Despite the hardships of his past, he has an incredibly large heart that the Rift continues to test. He still moves on against the odds and we can’t wait to see where it takes him! Congratulations!

DECEMBER 2017AURELIA has never been afraid to cause trouble. When she came into the Rift pregnant and fiery as always, we were excited to see what she'd do. She’s never afraid to speak her mind and takes action to get things accomplished. Whether it’s flirting with the varying creatures of the Rift or feisty debates, we can’t wait to see how she grows with a world that craves as much excitement as she does! Congratulations!

JANUARY 2018RIXEN first came into the Rift as a quiet presence. Soon enough, as others invited him into their groups, he blossomed. He's strong, kind, and gentle with a warrior's heart when it comes to his friends. He’s helped spread Hope into the Rift without so much as knowing what it is, and seems intent on making the Rift a better place. We can't wait to see where he goes next! Congratulations!

FEBRUARY 2018VYNTER is an incredible colt to keep up with. When he's not giving Roscorro a heart attack, he's off trialing and trying to fix his ailments. The poor boy has been through a lot, with a birth defect he tried to fix after Valkyrie condemned him for them, he's made quite a name for himself running around and meeting everyone. We can't wait to see how he grows and the relationships he makes! Congratulations!

MARCH 2018SEIJI came into the Rift mute and on a quest to fix what was wrong to him. While other characters can't understand, or think that he's never been able to talk, it's so intriguing to read the internal struggle he goes through when those around him speak or work with one another. We hope he can get his voice back, but will he have changed enough in that time to stay in the Rift? We look forward to seeing! Congratulations!

APRIL 2018KIADA Congratulations!

MAY 2018VALKYRIE It's no surprise that with Valkyrie's brashness towards men that she'd wind up winning COTM at some point. She's got a lot of history, a lot of interesting quirks, and unique temperaments with how she reacts to the Rift that makes her an incredible character to follow! After Hope changed her gender to the one she hates, it's been a wild ride. We can't wait to see how she changes and adjusts because of it! Congratulations!

JUNE 2018WAKER is an incredibly complex character that despite not saying much, invokes a lot of feelings and thoughts every time! When he first came into the Rift and began helping with the Hope SWP, it was always exciting to see what kind of direction he'd take. Now that he's in Halyven and his friend (perhaps something more?) Seiji isn't, it's interesting to read the conflict that takes place. We can't wait to see where he goes from here! Congratulations!

JULY 2018KORRI Congratulations!

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    Congratulations Korri!
    Thank you, friends :) I'm so glad he is loved.
    I want to nominate because he's just so unique and well written